About this blog

My name is Jamie Crawford. I am artist in residence alongside Cluster, a new site-specific commission by UK basket maker Annemarie O’Sullivan for the Fabrica gallery in Brighton running from 7 July – 27 August. Prompted by the exhibition, my role will be to research, explore and tell stories in the gallery.

In this blog you will be able to follow my process of enquiry into the value and purposes of storytelling today. My starting point is a consideration of the shared status of storytelling and weaving (including basketmaking) as traditional and sometimes overlooked artforms.

Two questions I shall be exploring in this blog and in events at Fabrica are:

What place is there for the old stories today?

How might those stories best be told?

To view the last Fabrica artist-animateur’s blog by Brighton poet Maria Jastrzębska please go to the intriguing  unquiet border.


3 Responses to About this blog

  1. Ruby says:

    We went to Jamie’s Stories of Hiding, Trapping, Making and Saving today, Ruby, aged 9 thought…

    you could tell that all of the audience was really involved with the story that I felt if someone came though the door nobody would turn there head! I liked how we joined in with the story telling using different types of sounds.

    • Louise Bristow says:

      Great comment Ruby – I was there too and I agree. I’m 45 years old and I was completely entranced by his story-telling!

  2. fiona says:

    We came along to the Fabrica stories on 15th Aug, which Tegwen (just turned 3yrs) absolutely loved. She was entranced by the mermaid story. It was fantastic to hear a different take on mermaids. I was amazed at how the chidrens’ attention was held for so long and how small bursts of activity interspersed within the stories kept them involved.

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